Wave Line

Welcome to our 2004 photo page!

Surface Interval Scuba First Anual Winter Poker Run.
Don't miss the next one coming this summer.

Debra Welch & winner with a pair of sevens

Debra Welch & runner up, Fat Boy

Troy, Debra & Hope, Surface Interval Scuba

Inside the new snack shop

View from behind counter

Out side the snack shop

The nice lady at the gate, Nancy Douglas

Easter Treasure Hunt 2004
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These next three shots were sent in by Mac Vivrett of Daltexdiver

These next five pictures were sent in by Rand McNeely, nice shooting Rand!

These were sent by Janie and Tommy Hartline out of Burleson Texas
This next one in only funny if you have not run into this little &$#@%$

These next one was sent in by Josh Rector.

This next shot was sent in by Charlene Taylor using a housed
Canon G2. The subject is her friend Sherri Helm and Sisco.

These next two shots are of Joe Moon, 15 year old diver.
Enjoyed diving with you Joe.

These next three were sent in by Larry Riggin with Terrell Dive Club.

jason diving_1.jpg

This is a shot of Terry Crabtree checking out the plane.
Nice shades Terry

Scuba Toy Class

These next two were sent in by Karen Clifford

Jason Clifford, Dallas Scubadillo's