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Wave Line

Welcome to the 2003 Polar Bear Club!

This was our Second Annual Polar Bear dive. We had a very good turn out and the weather was great. All of the divers that came out for the dive will receive a special Polar Bear Club t-shirt and dive certificate. These divers are truly CSSP Polar Bears and are the boldest divers ever to pass through the gates of CSSP. If you see one of them coming, give them a wide berth as they are divers that have braved the cold at CSSP and know no fear! These are photos of just a few of the Bears but more will be posted soon. If you want to be a member of the Polar Bear Club and you think you have what it takes plan on attending next year. If you did not receive your certificate or you want one with your name printed on it send Tim an e-mail and he will print one and mail it to the park so you may pick it up on your next visit.

The peas are ready!
Black Eyed Peas for good luck

Yes, he really was that red after a 30 min dive in a swim suit!
Beary Cold Bear

She does not show it but, this was our Beary Oldest Bear
Beary Oldest Bear

The Head Bear with the Bad Bear
This Bear went in with a swim suit & a hood!!  This is one BAD Bear

Waiting for the awards

Yep, he went in just as you see him!
One very Bad Bear!

This Bear drove in from Houston
Beary Longest Driving Bear

Debbie with The Longest Diving Bear, 1 Hour, 50 min!
1 Hour, 50 min dive in 52 degree water!

Debbie with the Beary Wimpy Diver
She won the Beary Wimpy award for a two min dive.  She did it in a dive skin and no hood, She is NO Wimp!  She said next year she is going in a bikini bottom only!  See ya there!!!

The Head Bear with all of the winners

The Hudson Crowd prepares to get wet.
BJ, Tracy, Allan, Ward, and Jerry
The Hudson Crowd prepares to get wet.  BJ, Tracy, Allan, Ward, and Jerry

Allan, BJ, Ward, and Jerry
Allan, BJ, Ward, and Jerry


Polar Bear Logo on back of the t-shirts

If you have Polar Bear photos, please send them to us
so we may include them in our Polar Bear album