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Welcome to the 2004 Polar Bear Club!

The Third Annual Polar Bear Dive is in the book now and we had a great turn out and some very nice weather for it. We would like to thank all of the Bears that dove and look forward to seeing everyone this year.


Debbie Cameron
Head Bear


"Beary" Long Diving Award--Goes to Allan & Tracy Hudson
"Beary" Bravest Award--Goes to David Bell
"Beary" Wimpy Award--Goes to Brian Devine
"Bearest" Ass Award--Goes to William Lee
"Beary" Oldest Bear--Goes to Terry Wynn
"Beary" Younest Bear--Goes to Cody Sims age 11
"Beary" Longest Driving Bear--Goes to Don Murphy Pineville, Louisiana 352 miles
Hall of Fame Members-- These Divers have made all three Polar Bear Dives!

Glenda Hataway
Keith Weber
Larry Williams

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