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Welcome to the 2005 Polar Bear Club!

We had a great turn out and some very nice weather for the 2005 Polar Bear Dive. We put forty three Bears in the water but I feel everyone's name did not get recorded. If you made the dive please click on the bear list at the bottom of this page. If you made the dive and do not see your name please contact me with the link located at the bottom of that page. The special award winners are listed on the bottom of this page. We will be inducting some bears into the Polar Bear Hall of Fame soon so check back later to see if you made the 2005 Hall Of Fame. We will also have a master bear list that will list all the members of the Polar Bear Club for the past four years. We would like to thank all of the Bears that dove and Finz Dive Club for providing hot coco and heat for all the cold Bears. We look forward to seeing everyone next year for the 2006 Polar Bear Dive and want to put one hundred Bears in the water so please make plans to join us. We have some special awards in store for 2006 so check for the details coming soon.

2005 Bears and Shore Support
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Thank you FINZ Dive Club for your support
Want to join a dive club based in Dallas?  Check out FINZ at www.finzs.org

Some members of Underwater Explores
Dive Club based in Alvarado
Stoney, Hawk, Tim and Glenda

Tuckered out from the excitement

Beary Young Bear Winner
John Bailey age 19

Beary Mature Bear Winner
Dutch Waddell age 60

Beary Bare Bear Winner
Craig Norton with his Fan Club President
40 min in shorts, yikes!!

Beary Long Diving Bear Winner
Brian Divine with a 75 min dive!!
Brian won Beary Wimpy last year
Nothing wimpy with Brian in 2005 I tell ya!

Beary Bravest Bear Winner
William Lee was first in with least on

Beary Wimpy Bear Winner
Glenda Hataway with 11 min
She is also the only Hall Of Fame Member
with all four dives!

These next four are from Sheri Ray

Robert looks on

Stoney Spears and Larry Riggins

These next three were sent by Peter Hicks

David Rasteseth, Mark Dees
Peter Hicks, Mark Vanderkolk

Peter Hicks

Mark Vanderkolk

Do you have pictures of the 2005 Polar Bear Dive?
Send them to our Webmaster so we may include them here please


Debbie Cameron
Head Bear


"Beary" Long Diving Award--Goes to Brian Divine
"Beary" Bravest Award--Goes to Craig Norton
"Beary" Wimpy Award--Goes to Glenda Hataway
"Bearest" Ass Award--Goes to William Lee
"Beary" Oldest Bear--Goes to Dutch Waddell age 60
"Beary" Youngest Bear--Goes to John Bailey age 19

Bear Hall of Fame

Glenda Hataway--The only Bear to dive all four Polar Bear Dives!

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