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Welcome to the 2006 Polar Bear Club!

2006 Polar Bear Club Members
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Denise Mcnally

Youngest Bear, Chris Sterling

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Debbie Cameron
Head Bear


"Beary" Long Diving Award--Goes to RICHARD MORK 109 MINUTES
Honorable Mention to Craig Norton 101 minutes and Theodore Carroll with 92 minutes
"Beary" Wimpy Award--Goes to DENISE MCNALLY 24 MINUTES
"Bearest" Ass Award--Goes to SCOTTY OSBORNE, he went in with nothing but his BC, regulator, and mask!
Honorable Mention to Will Lee and Floyd Parkinson
"Beary" Best Represented Dive Shop--Goes to INTERNATIONAL SCUBA WITH 12
"Beary" Best Represented Dive Club--Goes to SCUBADILLOS WITH 2
"Beary" Oldest Bear--Goes to BOB EDWARDS, 58 with a 49 minute dive.
"Beary" Long Diving Bear--Goes to BARRY HENRICKS MIDLAND, TEXAS 364 MILES
"Beary" Youngest Bear--Goes to CHRIS STERLING , 14 WITH A 71 MINUTE DIVE

Bear Hall of Fame

Glenda Hataway--The only Bear to dive all five Polar Bear Dives!

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