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Welcome to the 2007 Polar Bear Club!

2007 Polar Bear Club Members
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First Diver in

Oldest Diver, Arlene Reeves

Polar Bear Designer, Rhonda Stelly

Bravest, Jeff Vaughn

Youngest Diver & Most Whimpy, Austin Lynch

Longest Dive (1:55), Craig Norton

Best Represented Dive Shop, Internation Scuba

Best Represented Dive Club, Zero Gravity Divers

Hall Of Fame Member, Brian Divine

Hall Of Fame Member, Floyd Parkinson

Hall Of Fame Member, Glenda Hataway

This says it all, This dive is over

Thanks to all that made the event, see ya next year!

Debbie Cameron
Head Bear


"Beary" Long Diving Award--Goes to CRAIG NORTON 1 Hour 55 Minutes
"Beary" Wimpy Award--Goes to AUSTIN LYNCH, 2 Minutes
"Beary Bravest Award--Goes to JEFF VAUGHN, 29 Minutes without a wetsuit
"Beary" Best Represented Dive Shop--Goes to INTERNATIONAL SCUBA
"Beary" Best Represented Dive Club--Goes to ZERO GRAVITY DIVERS
"Beary" Oldest Bear--Goes to ARLENE REEVES, 61 with a 51 minute dive!
"Beary" Youngest Bear--Goes to AUSTIN LYNCH, 11

Bear Hall of Fame

GLENDA HATAWAY--The only Bear to dive all six Polar Bear Dives

BRAIN DIVINE--five Polar Bear Dives

TIM HATAWAY--four Polar Bear Dives

CRAIG NORTON--four Polar Bear Dives

CHUCK PERKINS--four Polar Bear Dives

CHUCK WALTON--four Polar Bear Dives

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