Wave Line

Welcome to the 2015 Polar Bear Club!

We had a good turn out considering the rain. The air temp was in the high 30s and surface temp was 51 degrees. We put 17 divers in the water, two of which are Hall Of Fame members, Glenda Hataway and Jeff Loudan.

Special thanks to Grapevine Scuba the fresh breakfast burrito and the fixings, they were great! We would also like to thank each and every person that attended the event as you are the reason we do it! Thanks to Allen and Karen Johnson for all you do, you two sure make things run smooth!

If you have comments, suggestions or any ideas that would make this event better, please drop me an E Mail. We changed the hours this year, sign up at 11, divers in the water at 12, closed the pool at 2 and handed out the awards around 2:30. I think the later hours worked out great.

Dive Safe

Tim Hataway

Polar Bear Dive Crew
Karen and Allen Johnson
7 time winner

Best Represented Dive Shop
International Scuba, 10 time winner!
1st time winner

Best Represented Dive Club
Diving Rebels, 4 time winner!
alt text

Long Dive
Brent Beck, 1:45
I think he found our cave
alt text

Youngest Diver
Bravest Diver
Colin Loudan, 10

Shortest Dive
Jerry Cooke, 8 min

Polar Bear Design winner and Diver!
Travis Wells

Thanks to all that made the event, see ya next year!

Robert Cameron
Head Bear


"Beary" Best Represented Dive Shop--Goes to INTERNATIONAL SCUBA
"Beary" Best Represented Dive Club--Goes to DIVING REBELS
"Beary" Long Diving Award--Goes to Brent Beck, 1hr 45 min
"Beary" Long Driving Award--Goes to Darrel Ricker, 650 miles
"Beary Bravest Award--Goes to Colin Loudan
"Beary" Oldest Bear--Goes to James Buckly, 64
"Beary" Young Bear--Goes to Colin Loudan, 10
"Beary" Wimpy Award--Goes to Jerry Cooke, 8 min

Bear Hall of Fame Divers at the 2015 Polar Bear Dive

GLENDA HATAWAY -- 13 Polar Bear Dives

JEFF LOUDAN -- 10 Polar Bear Dives